Creating Veneer Provisionals Using Silicone Matrices and Models

Released: Friday, January 13, 2017

Expires: Friday, January 31, 2020

By Lee Ann Brady, DMD

Commercial Supporter: Parkell

Veneer provisionals are essential components of esthetic treatments that serve several functional, esthetic, and treatment planning roles. While dentists can select from several techniques for creating veneer provisionals in the practice, whether directly or indirectly, the nuances of the specific techniques used affect accuracy, ease of placement and cementation, and predictable function. This article reviews three specific provisionalization techniques and the materials and armamentarium that could be selected for use during the process, including silicone matrices and silicone models.


  • Discuss the differences between indirect and direct veneer provisionalization techniques.

  • Describe matrix and model materials that can be used in different veneer provisionalization techniques.

  • Explain matrix, model, and provisional material characteristics that affect different veneer provisional techniques.

About the Author

Lee Ann Brady, DMD
Director of Education, Clinical Mastery Series; Private Practice, Glendale, Arizona

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