Pulp Testing and Apex Locators: Eliminating the Guesswork From Endodontic Diagnostics

Released: Thursday, December 15, 2016

Expires: Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Joseph Chikvashvili, DDS

By Joseph Chikvashvili, DDS

Commercial Supporter: Parkell

Clinicians must effectively manage endodontic testing to better achieve successful diagnoses of injured teeth. Taking accurate periapical radiographs and bitewings is a critical part of the process. In addition to radiography, however, apex locators have become an instrumental tool in helping dentists perform high-quality endodontic care. Having undergone various generations of advancements, these instruments help clinicians eliminate guesswork in achieving accurate working lengths when performing root canal therapies.


  • Discuss the importance of taking accurate periapical radiographs and bitewings when diagnosing an injured tooth.

  • Describe various methods of testing that can be performed to evaluate the health of a tooth.

  • Explain how apex locators can be effectively used to determine canal length.

About the Author

Joseph Chikvashvili, DDS
Director of Endodontics, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Newark, New Jersey; Private Practice specializing in Endodontics, West Orange, New Jersey

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