December 15, 2016

Pulp Testing and Apex Locators: Eliminating the Guesswork From Endodontic Diagnostics

Joseph Chikvashvili, DDS

By Joseph Chikvashvili, DDS

Clinicians must effectively manage endodontic testing to better achieve successful diagnoses of injured teeth. Taking accurate periapical radiographs and bitewings is a critical part of the process. In addition to radiography, however, apex locators have become an instrumental tool in helping dentists perform high-quality endodontic care. Having undergone various generations of advancements, these instruments help clinicians eliminate guesswork in achieving accurate working lengths when performing root canal therapies.


  • Discuss the importance of taking accurate periapical radiographs and bitewings when diagnosing an injured tooth.

  • Describe various methods of testing that can be performed to evaluate the health of a tooth.

  • Explain how apex locators can be effectively used to determine canal length.

About the Author

Joseph Chikvashvili, DDS
Director of Endodontics, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Newark, New Jersey; Private Practice specializing in Endodontics, West Orange, New Jersey

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