Removable Prosthetic Options for Implant Dentistry

Released: Thursday, July 20, 2017

Expires: Friday, July 31, 2020

By Thomas Bilski, DDS

Commercial Supporter: Parkell

Due to the many alternative therapies and materials available, clinicians have a variety of options at their disposal for removable prosthetics for implant dentistry. Several factors must be considered when determining prosthetic possibilities, including proper fit, timing and sequencing, reline therapies, and the process of transitioning from fixed-appliance therapy to removable therapy. This article will expound on these factors while presenting several cases demonstrating principles for successful removable prosthetic implant dentistry.



  • Discuss key aspects of timing and sequencing of treatment with regard to removable prosthetic options for implant dentistry.
  • Describe different scenarios for using soft-reline and hard-reline therapies.
  • Explain when it is prudent to put implants to "sleep" when transitioning from fixed-appliance therapy to removable therapy.

About the Author

Thomas Bilski, DDS
Co-Director, Midwest Implant Institute, Columbus, Ohio; Private Practice, Independence, Ohio

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